Tutorial: How to Do Taekwondo Kicks

Hello readers, this is my tenth post. I have talked about my taekwondo club when I was a minor on the ninth post and this time I want to show you the video about how to do some taekwondo kicks. Here is the video. Enjoy…

Have you watched it? Did you enjoy the video? I hope you did. Well, I think it’s quite difficult to try for beginners but if you really passionate to learn it, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it faster. I’m sorry if there are still some lacks on my video. Hopefully,  it can help you to learn some taekwondo kicks. I also hope that I can do more tutorials again  to hep people in the future.


Tazmania, My Taekwondo Club that I Miss

Hello readers, this is my ninth post. This time I want to talk about sports again. Nah, it’s neither about football nor AC Milan again but it’s about taekwondo. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art which is characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. Taekwondo was developed during the 1940s and 1950s by various martial artists by incorporating elements of karate and Chinese martial arts with traditional Korean martial arts traditions such as Taekkyeon, Subak, and Gwonbeop. There are two forms of taekwondo that competed in taekwondo championship and they are poomsae and gyeorugi.


Although this post is about taekwondo, I’m not gonna talk about its history. The one that I want to talk about which is related to taekwondo is my taekwondo team when I was a high school student, Tazmania. Tazmania is a taekwondo team is based on SMA Negeri 14 Tangerang. It has so many trophies since it was established. It even being only a taekwondo team based on a senior high school not a taekwondo club that has gained those accolades in Kota Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.


Muse, My Favorite Band that Produces Catchy Songs

Hello readers, this is my eighth post. This time I want to talk about music again. In my first post, I talked about my favorite solo musician, Michael Jackson while in this opportunity, I want to talk about my favorite band musician named Muse. Muse isn’t a strange name anymore to music lovers around the world. The band is really popular and already has many fans around the world. Muse are an English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The band consists of Matt Bellamy (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards) and Dominic Howard (drums, percussion). I like them and their songs too. In fact, I am a muser which is a name of Muse’s fan as I like most of their songs. Muse’s songs’ genre are mostly alternative rock. However, they also make other songs other than alternative rock genre such as progressive rock songs, hard rock songs, art rock songs, space rock songs and even electronica songs.


They released an album titled Showbiz in 1999 as their debut album. This album received positive to mixed review from music critics which wasn’t bad for a band that just debuted at that time. The album has 12 songs in it. It also has 5 hit singles that released into the music markets. Out of all of the album singles, I only like Unintended from this album. It’s an acoustic rock song that’s quite popular to the public. In fact, the song is really popular in Indonesia as many Indonesians know and like this song too. Well, being a muser doesn’t mean that I must love all of their songs, right?

117526611Their second album is Origin of Symmetry which was released in 2001. This album received positive reviews from music critics and they also claim that this album is better than Muse’s first album. This album has 11 singles and 4 hit singles but I only like Feeling Good out of all of them. Feeling Good is a really famous song which was written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley for the 1964 musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd, later covered by jazz and soul singer Nina Simone.


Their third album is Absolution which was released in 2003. This album is one of the most popular Muse’s albums. It was met positive reviews by the critics. This album is also the first album that to chart in the US. This album has 14 songs and 6 hit singles in it. The two hit singles from the album, Hysteria and Time is Running Out, are two of the most Muse’s popular songs. The two are really popular too in Indonesia. Indonesians even always think that Muse is always related to their Hysteria song.


Their fourth album is Black Holes and Revelations which was released in 2006. This album also received positive reviews by the critics. The album was the first Muse’s album to chart on top 10 US chart by debuting on number 9. This album contains 11 singles and 5 hit singles. Three of the five hit singles are my favorite tracks. Supermassive Black Hole is a really catchy and popular song. Starlight  is one of the most Muse’s popular songs around the world. I think it’s tied with Hysteria in terms of popularity in Indonesia. There are a lot of Indonesian commoners that know these two Muse’s songs but don’t know their other songs. Meanwhile, Knights of Cydonia is my most favorite Muse’s single out of Muse’s songs and albums. It’s a really great, addicting and catchy song. You should listen to it!


Muse’s fourth studio album is The Resistance which was released in 2009. It was met with positive reviews too but it wasn’t that popular among the fans. It was the firs album that made Muse won their first grammy award in 2011 for best rock album category. It has 11 singles and 5 hit singles in it. Three of the hit singles which are Uprising, Undisclosed Desires and Resistance are my favorite songs from this album. Uprising music video is even the most watched Muse’s music video on YouTube with more than 124 million views.


Muse’s fifth album is The 2nd Law which was released in 2012. In this album, they tried something new by making electronic songs that were given protested by the fans. Their fans claimed Muse were not the band that they were used to be when they continuously released rock songs. However, the album was still met with positive reviews from the critics. Some of them even appraise Muse of trying to make new music. It has 13 singles and 5 hit singles in it. I like three of the hit singles from this album which are Supremacy, Panic Station and Follow Me. Supremacy is a Muse’s common rock song but Panic Station is a pop rock song and Follow Me is an electronic rock song.


The fifth also their latest album is Drones which was released in 2015. A lot of their fans were happy when this album was released as the album contains common rock songs like Muse always made in the past before The 2nd Law album. It received positive review from the critics. It also even received grammy award for the best rock album in 2016 which is Muse’s second grammy trophy. It contains 12 songs and 6 hit singles. I like four out of twelve songs from this album. The four songs are Reapers, Dead Inside, Defector and Psycho.


This year, Muse just informed that they will release a new album in 2018. I was really excited to hear that but then a bit disappointed when they released one of the new singles from the album, Dig Down. The song is just okay and not really catchy in my opinion. It even sounds like Madness, the song from The 2nd Law album that I also don’t like very much. Hopefully, there will be great and catchier songs from the new album when the album released next year.


AC Milan and Manchester United Comparison

Hello readers, this is my seventh post. This time I want to talk about football and my favorite football club, AC Milan again. This post is quite similar to the second post which talks about AC Milan too, but this time I want to compare AC Milan with a famous English football club, Manchester United. Football is the most favorite sports in the world chosen by people. The football matches are always watched by many people around the world, especially football matches in Europe contested by European football clubs. There are two football clubs from the two European countries that are considered big and popular. The two football clubs are AC Milan and Manchester United. These two football clubs have some similarities and differences based on their backgrounds, trophy records and fates currently.


AC Milan and Manchester United have some similarities and differences based on their backgrounds. Associazione Calcio Milano or simply AC Milan is an Italian Football club based on Milano City, Italy which was established on 16 December 1899 by English expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin, who came from the English city of Nottingham. Meanwhile, Manchester United was established by the Carriage and Wagon Department of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (LYR) in 1878. They share the same epithet, The Red Devils for Manchester United and I Rossoneri which means The Red Devils too in Italian. The difference is AC Milan is a football club from Milano, Italy while United is a football club from Manchester,  England.


In the terms of trophy records, both Milan and United have gained them so many times since they had been established. United have won 20 premier league titles and none of other English football clubs have gained the same record as United have. Meanwhile, Milan has won 7 UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles and 18 titles of the most known Italian football competition league, Serie A. Their achievement in UCL is only second behind Spanish football club, Real Madrid with 12 titles while their Serie A achievement is only second behind Juventus with 33 titles and tie with Inter. On the other had, United have also won UCL titles for thrice.


Both football clubs also share a bit similar fate lately. United haven’t won the English Premier League (EPL) title since 2013. They also even struggled to finish the competition in top 3 since 2014. The same case also happens to Milan which haven’t won Serie A title since 2011. They also even struggled to finish in top 5 since 2014. However, they’re rising slowly and back to the top gradually. United have just won Europa League title while Milan is also back to European competition, even though they still finished 6th on their native football competitions.


In the end, both football clubs are still great football clubs based on their backgrounds, trophy records and fates. They already proven that they’re great clubs and scared by other football clubs if they compete in European competitions. Even though they are still struggling now, slowly but sure, they will rise again and their fans will always support them until they are back in form again.

2010-02-16 UCL AC Milan v Manchester United (Pre-Match).mkv_snapshot_01.59_[2015.09.12_00.03.44]

The Influences of Favorite Movies on Me

Hi readers, this is my sixth post. This time I want to talk about movie again. The topic of this post is about the influences of my favorite movies on me. Movies are one of the entertainments that people like the most nowadays. People feel the most excited when they watch movies, especially their favorite movies. I also like to watch movies. I like to watch them because they make me feel so excited and entertained, especially when I watch my favorite movies.  My most favorite movies are Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, sci-fi monster movies and Disney/Pixar animation movies. They have influenced me some good things on me too. There are three influences from them that effect on me. The influences are movies make me like and watch other movies more, they make me appreciates movie makers more and they make me determine my thesis topic.


The first influence of my favorite movies on me is they make me like to watch other movies more. Favorite movies are entertaining to me so that I’m interested and curious of other movies and want to watch them more. For example, I like Captain America: Civil War movie a lot. The movie is one of action superhero Marvel movies that included in Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchise. The movies in the franchise such as Iron Man series, Captain America series, The Avengers series, etc are related to this movie. This movie makes me to watch them since it’s related to them and I’m also curious how great are them.


The second influence of my favorite movies on me is  they make me appreciate movie makers more. When I finished watching one of my favorite movies, I usually amazed and even give applause to appreciate it. I always wonder who are the people who make the movie. It makes me curious and think how great and wonderful they are to make such a great, high budget and visually magnificent movie.


The last influence of my favorite movies on me is they make me determine my thesis topic. One of my favorite movies titled Kick-Ass 2 is chosen as my thesis material. I have watched this movie for five times. It’s a really great and funny action superhero movie, even though it’s not really popular and movie critics don’t like it. It makes me want to analyze it since it’s one of my favorite movies so that I can understand more about the movie through thesis analysis.


In conclusion, favorite movies influence good things on me. There are many more movies that I consider as favorite movies. They also influence good things to me like the three influences as I stated above. Hopefully, there will be great movies that I like and can influence good things on me too in the future.


Advantages of Shopping at Minimarket

Hello readers, this is my fifth post. This time I want to talk about business which is the topic that I rarely talk about. There are so many minimarkets that are available in society nowadays. These minimarkets help people to get their needed stuffs that aren’t available at common stalls. Besides that, there are more benefits of shopping in minimarket than shopping at common stalls. In this opportunity, I will examine further about two reasons why shopping at minimarket is the better choice than buying stuffs at common stalls.


To begin with, shopping at minimarket is more convenient than shopping at common stall because of its hygiene. Most of stuffs that sold at minimarket are guaranteed for their hygiene. It is because minimarket gets their stuffs from the stuffs’ factories directly. On the other hand, common stalls usually get their stuffs from traditional market so that their stuffs aren’t guaranteed for their hygiene. Moreover, minimarket is cleaner than common stall which can keep their stuffs more hygiene.


The other advantage of minimarket is minimarket has more complete stuffs than common stall has. It is a fact and acceptable that minimarket has more stuffs to be sold than common stall has since its place is bigger than common stall. Stuffs that aren’t available at common stuffs usually available at minimarket. For example, common stall only has a few of noodle brands such as indomie and mie sedap while minimarket sell more noodle brands besides them like supermi, sarimi, etc, most common stalls do not sell facial treatment stuffs while minimarket sell them and many more stuffs.


Owners of common stall claim that minimarket stuffs are more expensive. They also claim that minimarket has taken their customers by existing everywhere even in small villages so that people are interested to buy stuffs at minimarket more than at their stalls. However, it is acceptable that minimarket stuffs are more expensive since most of the stuffs’ quality are better and more hygiene. Minimarket building tax has a role to make the stuffs that sold in it are more expensive. Meanwhile, business competition has made common stall owners gone mad, whereas it is a common thing that happens in business. It is not the minimarket owners faults that customers prefer to shop at their places more because of their advantages. Common stall owners can still get their customers since not all of the minimarkets has existed in small villages yet.


Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

Hello readers, this is my fourth post. This time I want to talk about movie. Movie is one of the most favorite entertainments chosen by people. People love to watch movie because it is exciting for them. There are many movie genres that available such as action, drama, fantasy, adventure, science fiction (Sci-fi), thriller, horror, and so on. The movies that have released usually have more than one genre. In my opinion, I like action and sci-fi movies the most. I like action and sci-fi movies because the movies that have them are the most exciting movies to be watched. One of the action sci-fi movies is Kong: Skull Island.


Kong: Skull Island is an American action-adventure film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts which was released March 10, 2017. It serves as the second film in a production company called Legendary Pictures with MonsterVerse franchise. There is an action sci-fi monster film which was released in 2014 titled Godzilla besides Kong: Skull Island in the franchise. With $185 million production budget, it grosses $566 million worldwide which is a success for the film. This movie tells about an enormous ape called Kong which guards an island named Skull Island and its inhabitants from many predators but greedy mankind want to ruin them and kill Kong. This movie is a great movie in my opinion. It’s because it gives you a message about don’t ever disturb anyone’s residence if you want to get respected.


The film shows a bunch of people come to an unknown island and starts bombing it in the name of expedition. Kong, which is the host of the island, of course gets angry and starts to kill the people who are bombing his residence. The truth is one of the survivors of Kong’s rage was one of the agents of U.S. classified government organization named Monarch and his true intentions bring a skilled tracker, soldiers, scientists and even a journalist there to prove the existence of an enormous monster and that is Kong. The survivors try to go around the island in order to find a boat to escape the island. In their way to escape, they find someone who has been stranded for more than 20 years in the island since the World War II. He lives with a native tribe who allowed him to stay with them. He tells the group that Kong is the guardian of both of the island and the tribe. It guards them from an enormous reptilian predator which called Skullcrawlers. The stranded man decides to leave the island with the group and thanks the native tribe for taking care of him. The group leaves the island with a manmade boat from the stranded man’s jet war ruins which he used in World War II.


In their way to escape, the group splits into two, the group of non-soldiers and the group of soldiers. It’s because the captain of the soldiers wants to get revenge to Kong who killed his subordinates. As the two groups separated, many of the people from both groups die because of smaller Skullcrawlers attacks while in their way to reach their goals. The soldier captain has a plan to kill Kong but it’s failed and he got killed by raged yet weaken Kong. The soldier captain’s plan to kill Kong is even awaken the Alpha Skullcrawlers. The weaken Kong tries to fight the Alpha Skullcrawlers in order to protect the survivors of the group, but he is overpowered. The group decides to help Kong to kill the Skullcrawlers until Kong finally beat and kill it. The film ends as the group which is including the survived soldiers thanks Kong and say their farewell to it.


The Differences between Men and Women’s Conversation

Hello again readers. This time I want to talk about the differences between men and women in conversation. In this world, there are only two genders, male and female. Both genders have many differences in each other, especially in conversation. Conversation is the way people interact to each other. Therefore, men and women also have conversation to each other. However, as previously stated, the way they communicate is different. Why do men and women talk in different ways in conversations? Because there are two factors that make them like that. The first factor is women are more verbally skilled than men and the second is both sexes’ purposes in conversation.


These two factors are the main reasons that cause men and women’s are different conversation. Women are more verbally skilled than men. In other words, women talk more than men. Men always talk about facts while women always talk about people, relationships and feelings, in other words, gossiping. Men’s communication purpose is to getting status in a hierarchical social order while women’s communication purpose is to establish connections and negotiating relationships. This causes women can simply be intimate friends to each other by just sitting and talking. Meanwhile, men are not like that. They must do activities and things together in order to get intimate to each other.


However, majority of societies claim that typical women’s speech make women less well suited than men to occupy positions of power and authority. In other words, most of societies consider that women are inferior to men. It is denied by most experts such as Suciu (2012) who said just because women speak differently does not mean that women are inferior to men. Women can also have positions of power and authority like men if they want to.

I always familiar to this since I’ve always talk to women. I have some close female friends who talk about many things with me. I conclude that almost all of them are fussy (LOL). However, the good thing about it is they’re good at speaking English, better than me and my male friends. They are also fun to be shared stories each other.

Couple Having Argument At Home

In conclusion, men and women are indeed speak, talk and interact differently and often have miscommunication between them. However, this can cause them develop further relationship since they are interested to know and understand each other. The differences can make them interested to each other since they want to accept the differences of the way they communicate to each other.

Personal Statement

Hello readers. Welcome to my wordpress. In this opportunity, I will discuss about my personal statement. It’s not like you will care or concern about it but I just want to share it anyway.

My name is Mochammad Syaid Setio. I was born in Jakarta, April 6th 1995. I live in Tangerang with my parents now. I have been studying at Binus University majoring in English Department from 2012 until now and hopefully, this year is the last year for me since I’m doing on my thesis. I chose English Department as my major in Binus University due to my interest to learn English further. I have always been excited of English subject since when I was in elementary school.

As far as I remember, I was already very excited about English when I was an elementary student. I don’t mean to be boastful but I always got minimum B grade for English subject that time. This condition continued to my middle and high school years, even I got the highest grade in my class on national exam for English class. This caused my friends always asked about English subject to me in middle to high school years.

After I graduated from high school, I intended to apply in Binus University as my chosen college years. It was because a high school classmate invited me to apply in Binus University and I was already interested to apply since there is a major that I like, English Department. I did a test to apply in the university and I passed it. Well, I was happy that I could pass the test and enter the university as a student since I failed on SNMPTN test. After that, there was a program that introduced the new students about the university called Freshmen Enrichment Program (FEP). At first I thought the orientation term would be a nightmare for me since I always imagined the orientation term for freshmen was always about seniors bullying the freshmen but in reality it was far from my expectation. It was even beyond my expectation that the fact about FEP was boring to me. However, it was better to be like that than being bullied by the seniors just like my expectation about it.

After the FEP ended, I started to study in Binus University as an official English Department student. On the earlier semesters, I was shocked. It was because English is really difficult to learn in this state. The English subjects on English Department are far more difficult than English subjects in elementary, middle and even high school. I was struggled to learn it since my grammar, writing and speaking skills were very bad that time. Only listening skill that was average of me. Not to mention there were many subjects in English Department that I have never heard before from elementary high school years such as world concepts, English phonology, Introduction to linguistics, etc. Those were strange to me since I had no idea that my department, English Literature, has so many subjects that were difficult to learn. However, I wanted to study and improve my English skill more even though I was struggled at first.

In the fifth semester, there were three choices of streaming that available for English Department students to choose. The three choices of streaming were teaching, business and tourism. I chose tourism as my streaming since I always love about hospitality, tourism and travel. There was a subject called travel management in which me and my friends made a group and became tour guides. I learned so many things about tourism and hospitality industry from the subject. I also learned about how to perform hospitality to the customers as a tour guide.

In conclusion, I hope I can work in hospitality, tourism and even service industries in the future. I can learn to speak well to the customers and provide them hospitality and quality service since I am a not-so-good speaker. I’m interested in hospitality, tourism and service industries so that I can improve my service and communication to the customers through a service job.

AC Milan: My Favorite Football Club


            Hello readers, I’m back with my second post. This time I want to discuss about my favorite football club, AC Milan. Associazione Calcio Milano or simply AC Milan is an Italian Football club based on Milano City, Italy which was established on 16 December 1899 by English expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin, who came from the English city of Nottingham. It produces so many great and legendary players. It also has gained so many trophies since it was founded and considered as one of the greatest football clubs of all time. Milan has won 7 UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles and 18 titles of the most known Italian football competition league, Serie A. Their achievement in UCL is only second behind Spanish football club, Real Madrid with 12 titles while their Serie A achievement is only second behind Juventus with 33 titles and tie with Inter.


This football club is my favorite football club. I like this football club because it has great players and achievements in their history. Milan also made me like football matches. I started to like Milan back when I was a kid in 2004. Back then, my uncles was playing Winning Eleven, a football game that is compatible with PlayStation 1. One of my uncles chose Milan as his team. I thought this team have great players when my uncle showed the players’ skills in formation mode before started the match. Players like Maldini, Costacurta, Serginho, Shevchenko, Inzaghi had great skill statistics on the game. I only liked the team but I hadn’t become a fan back then. I started to like Milan more when I was watching their matches in 2005 UCL and 2007 UCL. Milan was playing on the 2005 UCL final vs Liverpool. I was amazed when they were exceling Liverpool with scoring 3 goals in the first half. I thought they were going to win it but I was shocked to see Liverpool could score 3 goals to make it tie until the penalty shootout round which they won it and lifted their fifth UCL trophy. I thought Milan was superior but I was a bit disappointed when they lost the penalty shootout round. However, I still liked them. In 2007 UCL, they made it to the final round again and met the same team that have beaten them in 2005 final UCL, Liverpool. That time, Milan finally got their revenge on Liverpool by beating them 2-1 and lifted their seventh UCL trophy. I was happy at the time but I still only liked Milan, not a fan of them. After that, I wasn’t following the news about them anymore since I lost my interest in football matches.


Years later in 2012, I decided to follow the news about Milan again since I started to have my interest in football matches again. It was because I was addicted to play Winning Eleven on PlayStation 2 and Milan was always my favorite team on the game. Sadly, their performances were going down in 2012. They struggled to go further than quarter final round in UCL. They even struggled too in Serie A when they ever went down to 16th on the Serie A table even though they finished third on the 2012/2013 final season of Serie A. The funny hing is I became a Milanisti (epithet of an AC Milan fan) when they were down, not when they wer in their glory times. They even went down worse than 2012/2013 Serie A season in 2013/2014 Serie A season which they finished only on 8th on the Serie A table. That means they couldn’t participate in the UCL next season because every Serie A team must at least finish on the third position on Serie A table to participate in the UCL next season. In 2014/2015 season, they appointed Filippo Inzaghi which was a Milan player as their manager. In the end of the season, Milan showed bad results again with finished 8th again on the Serie A table. This caused Milanisti from around the world protest the Milan management team. They accused Milan management team caused Milan performance drop by buying or loaning mediocre football players. Milan decided to sack Inzaghi and appointed Sinisa Mihajlovic as Milan manager in 2015/2016 season but in the end Milan only finished 7th on the Serie A table. Milanisti around the world protest the Milan management team again by accusing whoever Milan manager is, Milan will not rise again if the management only buy and loan mediocre players.


In 2016/2017 season, Milan appointed Vincenzo Montella as the new Milan manager. In the season, Milan finally had a good performance. They beat Juventus two times in Serie A and supercoppa which they couldn’t do since 2012. Since they beat Juventus in supercoppa (the match which play between the champion of Serie A and the Champion of Coppa Italia), they lifted their first trophy since 2011 on December 2016. Milan has some great young players that were graduated from Milan academy football club such as Gianluigi Donarumma, Manuel Locatelli, Davide Calabria, etc which were prominent in the team to perform a good performance in the season. In the end of the season, Milan only finished 6th on the table. It’s because Milan still has mediocre players aside their great young players. However, Milan management and Milan players are satisfied with their performances and Montella performance since they are back to compete in Europe by competing in Europe League (the second caste European football clubs competition behind UCL) since they finished 6th on the Serie A table. There is also a major change in Milan management team. Silvio Berlusconi, who was the Milan chairman from 1986, decided to sell Milan to a Chinese businessman, Yonghong Li. He realized that he had no power or money anymore to make Milan rise again to buy great players so that he decided to sell Milan to Yonghong Li. Now, Yonghong Li gives funds to Milan management to buy great players and start the 2017/2018 Serie A season with great players and also ready to make Milan rise again.