The Influences of Favorite Movies on Me

Hi readers, this is my sixth post. This time I want to talk about movie again. The topic of this post is about the influences of my favorite movies on me. Movies are one of the entertainments that people like the most nowadays. People feel the most excited when they watch movies, especially their favorite movies. I also like to watch movies. I like to watch them because they make me feel so excited and entertained, especially when I watch my favorite movies.  My most favorite movies are Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, sci-fi monster movies and Disney/Pixar animation movies. They have influenced me some good things on me too. There are three influences from them that effect on me. The influences are movies make me like and watch other movies more, they make me appreciates movie makers more and they make me determine my thesis topic.


The first influence of my favorite movies on me is they make me like to watch other movies more. Favorite movies are entertaining to me so that I’m interested and curious of other movies and want to watch them more. For example, I like Captain America: Civil War movie a lot. The movie is one of action superhero Marvel movies that included in Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchise. The movies in the franchise such as Iron Man series, Captain America series, The Avengers series, etc are related to this movie. This movie makes me to watch them since it’s related to them and I’m also curious how great are them.


The second influence of my favorite movies on me is  they make me appreciate movie makers more. When I finished watching one of my favorite movies, I usually amazed and even give applause to appreciate it. I always wonder who are the people who make the movie. It makes me curious and think how great and wonderful they are to make such a great, high budget and visually magnificent movie.


The last influence of my favorite movies on me is they make me determine my thesis topic. One of my favorite movies titled Kick-Ass 2 is chosen as my thesis material. I have watched this movie for five times. It’s a really great and funny action superhero movie, even though it’s not really popular and movie critics don’t like it. It makes me want to analyze it since it’s one of my favorite movies so that I can understand more about the movie through thesis analysis.


In conclusion, favorite movies influence good things on me. There are many more movies that I consider as favorite movies. They also influence good things to me like the three influences as I stated above. Hopefully, there will be great movies that I like and can influence good things on me too in the future.



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