Muse, My Favorite Band that Produces Catchy Songs

Hello readers, this is my eighth post. This time I want to talk about music again. In my first post, I talked about my favorite solo musician, Michael Jackson while in this opportunity, I want to talk about my favorite band musician named Muse. Muse isn’t a strange name anymore to music lovers around the world. The band is really popular and already has many fans around the world. Muse are an English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The band consists of Matt Bellamy (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards) and Dominic Howard (drums, percussion). I like them and their songs too. In fact, I am a muser which is a name of Muse’s fan as I like most of their songs. Muse’s songs’ genre are mostly alternative rock. However, they also make other songs other than alternative rock genre such as progressive rock songs, hard rock songs, art rock songs, space rock songs and even electronica songs.


They released an album titled Showbiz in 1999 as their debut album. This album received positive to mixed review from music critics which wasn’t bad for a band that just debuted at that time. The album has 12 songs in it. It also has 5 hit singles that released into the music markets. Out of all of the album singles, I only like Unintended from this album. It’s an acoustic rock song that’s quite popular to the public. In fact, the song is really popular in Indonesia as many Indonesians know and like this song too. Well, being a muser doesn’t mean that I must love all of their songs, right?

117526611Their second album is Origin of Symmetry which was released in 2001. This album received positive reviews from music critics and they also claim that this album is better than Muse’s first album. This album has 11 singles and 4 hit singles but I only like Feeling Good out of all of them. Feeling Good is a really famous song which was written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley for the 1964 musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd, later covered by jazz and soul singer Nina Simone.


Their third album is Absolution which was released in 2003. This album is one of the most popular Muse’s albums. It was met positive reviews by the critics. This album is also the first album that to chart in the US. This album has 14 songs and 6 hit singles in it. The two hit singles from the album, Hysteria and Time is Running Out, are two of the most Muse’s popular songs. The two are really popular too in Indonesia. Indonesians even always think that Muse is always related to their Hysteria song.


Their fourth album is Black Holes and Revelations which was released in 2006. This album also received positive reviews by the critics. The album was the first Muse’s album to chart on top 10 US chart by debuting on number 9. This album contains 11 singles and 5 hit singles. Three of the five hit singles are my favorite tracks. Supermassive Black Hole is a really catchy and popular song. Starlight  is one of the most Muse’s popular songs around the world. I think it’s tied with Hysteria in terms of popularity in Indonesia. There are a lot of Indonesian commoners that know these two Muse’s songs but don’t know their other songs. Meanwhile, Knights of Cydonia is my most favorite Muse’s single out of Muse’s songs and albums. It’s a really great, addicting and catchy song. You should listen to it!


Muse’s fourth studio album is The Resistance which was released in 2009. It was met with positive reviews too but it wasn’t that popular among the fans. It was the firs album that made Muse won their first grammy award in 2011 for best rock album category. It has 11 singles and 5 hit singles in it. Three of the hit singles which are Uprising, Undisclosed Desires and Resistance are my favorite songs from this album. Uprising music video is even the most watched Muse’s music video on YouTube with more than 124 million views.


Muse’s fifth album is The 2nd Law which was released in 2012. In this album, they tried something new by making electronic songs that were given protested by the fans. Their fans claimed Muse were not the band that they were used to be when they continuously released rock songs. However, the album was still met with positive reviews from the critics. Some of them even appraise Muse of trying to make new music. It has 13 singles and 5 hit singles in it. I like three of the hit singles from this album which are Supremacy, Panic Station and Follow Me. Supremacy is a Muse’s common rock song but Panic Station is a pop rock song and Follow Me is an electronic rock song.


The fifth also their latest album is Drones which was released in 2015. A lot of their fans were happy when this album was released as the album contains common rock songs like Muse always made in the past before The 2nd Law album. It received positive review from the critics. It also even received grammy award for the best rock album in 2016 which is Muse’s second grammy trophy. It contains 12 songs and 6 hit singles. I like four out of twelve songs from this album. The four songs are Reapers, Dead Inside, Defector and Psycho.


This year, Muse just informed that they will release a new album in 2018. I was really excited to hear that but then a bit disappointed when they released one of the new singles from the album, Dig Down. The song is just okay and not really catchy in my opinion. It even sounds like Madness, the song from The 2nd Law album that I also don’t like very much. Hopefully, there will be great and catchier songs from the new album when the album released next year.



Michael Jackson as King of Pop

Hello, this is my first post since my wordpress had made in 2012 (LOL). In this opportunity, I want to post about one of my favorite musicians who named Michael Jackson. There are a lot of musicians who exist in music industry nowadays but only few of them are talented. A lot of musicians do not know how to produce great music nowadays. They only make not-so-catchy music and bragging themselves about how talented they are. Talented musicians are people who can produce great music and can stand the test of time. One of them is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Indiana, U.S. He is considered by most people as the King of Pop. I will tell about why Michael Jackson is considered as the King of Pop based on his achievements such as his single and album sales and his Moonwalk as his signature move.


 Michael Jackson was one of the singers in his group, The Jackson 5, which consists of six members of his fellow brothers. He went solo for the first time in 1972 with “Got to Be There” album and had released many solo albums until now, even there are two albums that have been released after his death in 2009, “Michael” and “Xscape” album. The first reason why he is considered as the King of Pop by most people because he has sold more than 100 million copies albums and 350 million copies combined with his singles. He even had sold 65 million copies of “Thriller” album and it is considered as the most sold album in the world. Hence, he is one of the top five best-selling artists in the world and the best-selling pop artist of all time. He also has one single titled “Billie Jean” which is considered as one of the best songs of all time.


The second reason is his Moonwalk as his signature dance move. Michael Jackson is not just a mere pop singer. He can dance too, not only can dance but also dance greatly like an expert dancer. However, there is one song that is arguably as his most popular and most topped music charts in his career titled “Billie Jean” which moonwalk dance (he named the dance by himself) existed. Moonwalk is a dance move in which the dancer moves backwards while appearing to be making the physical movement of walking forwards. He performed moonwalk dance for the first time in Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on March 25, 1983, although he was not the one who invented it, but it became popular because of his work. People loved the dance since it is unique and matched the Billie Jean song. Michael later use the dance as his trademark or signature move in other songs in other albums that released after Thriller album like “Smooth Criminal”, “You Rock My World”, etc. The dance is still popular nowadays. People do it to pay a tribute to him who died on June 25, 2009. The people who do dance cover on Michael’s songs always do the moonwalk. People who get dance lesson can do it too, since moonwalk is considered as one of the dance move that can be learned in a dance school.


Furthermore, I like him as a musician because of his songs and dance moves. He has created and released so many catchy songs that are popular to the public. I like his songs such as Earth Song, Heal The World, Slave to The Rhythm, Beat It, Thriller, Rock with You,  I’ll be There, Smooth Criminal, You are not Alone, You Rock My World, Stranger in Moscow, and many more beside his masterpiece song, Billie Jean. His songs are easy-to-listen and catchy. Besides that, he also always dances so well in his live performance or in his music video. He can do many other dance moves besides Moonwalk and he always dance to them smoothly, even though he performs it in an old age.


There are some people of younger generation who do not consider him as the king of pop. Some of them even do not know who Michael Jackson is and how popular Michael Jackson was since they only know singers that exist and produce average Electronic Dance Music or EDM music nowadays. However, there is no doubt that Michael Jackson is still popular and considered as the King of Pop because of his music sales and legacy. There was an evidence that can prove it. Jackson’s latest album “Michael” had one single that titled “Love Never Felt So Good” which could reach number nine in Billboard Hot 100 on May 21, 2014. Hence, he became the first artist in history to have a top ten single in the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades. He could prove that he could still sell his music and became popular despite there are so many new singers that produce EDM.


 From the writing above, I conclude that Michael Jackson is worthy to be called as King of Pop. He has sold more than 100 million copies singles and albums. He also popularized a great dance moves that has been popular and covered until now. Unfortunately, he died on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50 at his house. The whole world was shocked and cried when the news about his death spread. There were many of the popular public figures accompanied his corpse to his final resting place. Sometime after his death, there were also many musicians in the world paying tribute to him by covering his songs. However, his legacies will never die even after his death. There were many of his song recordings in the past that have never been released found at his house. These songs later are released, remixed and divided to two albums, one album titled “Michael” released in 2010 with hit songs like “Hold My Hand (Featuring Akon)” and “Hollywood Tonight” and the other one is titled “Xscape” released in 2014 with hit songs like “Love Never Felt So Good” and “Slave to the Rhythm”. These albums entered the top 10 billboard for best-selling albums. Hold My Hand and Love Never Felt So Good were also entered top 10 billboard singles. This proves that Jackson’s legacies are timeless even after his death.