Personal Statement

Hello readers. Welcome to my wordpress. In this opportunity, I will discuss about my personal statement. It’s not like you will care or concern about it but I just want to share it anyway.

My name is Mochammad Syaid Setio. I was born in Jakarta, April 6th 1995. I live in Tangerang with my parents now. I have been studying at Binus University majoring in English Department from 2012 until now and hopefully, this year is the last year for me since I’m doing on my thesis. I chose English Department as my major in Binus University due to my interest to learn English further. I have always been excited of English subject since when I was in elementary school.

As far as I remember, I was already very excited about English when I was an elementary student. I don’t mean to be boastful but I always got minimum B grade for English subject that time. This condition continued to my middle and high school years, even I got the highest grade in my class on national exam for English class. This caused my friends always asked about English subject to me in middle to high school years.

After I graduated from high school, I intended to apply in Binus University as my chosen college years. It was because a high school classmate invited me to apply in Binus University and I was already interested to apply since there is a major that I like, English Department. I did a test to apply in the university and I passed it. Well, I was happy that I could pass the test and enter the university as a student since I failed on SNMPTN test. After that, there was a program that introduced the new students about the university called Freshmen Enrichment Program (FEP). At first I thought the orientation term would be a nightmare for me since I always imagined the orientation term for freshmen was always about seniors bullying the freshmen but in reality it was far from my expectation. It was even beyond my expectation that the fact about FEP was boring to me. However, it was better to be like that than being bullied by the seniors just like my expectation about it.

After the FEP ended, I started to study in Binus University as an official English Department student. On the earlier semesters, I was shocked. It was because English is really difficult to learn in this state. The English subjects on English Department are far more difficult than English subjects in elementary, middle and even high school. I was struggled to learn it since my grammar, writing and speaking skills were very bad that time. Only listening skill that was average of me. Not to mention there were many subjects in English Department that I have never heard before from elementary high school years such as world concepts, English phonology, Introduction to linguistics, etc. Those were strange to me since I had no idea that my department, English Literature, has so many subjects that were difficult to learn. However, I wanted to study and improve my English skill more even though I was struggled at first.

In the fifth semester, there were three choices of streaming that available for English Department students to choose. The three choices of streaming were teaching, business and tourism. I chose tourism as my streaming since I always love about hospitality, tourism and travel. There was a subject called travel management in which me and my friends made a group and became tour guides. I learned so many things about tourism and hospitality industry from the subject. I also learned about how to perform hospitality to the customers as a tour guide.

In conclusion, I hope I can work in hospitality, tourism and even service industries in the future. I can learn to speak well to the customers and provide them hospitality and quality service since I am a not-so-good speaker. I’m interested in hospitality, tourism and service industries so that I can improve my service and communication to the customers through a service job.