AC Milan: My Favorite Football Club


            Hello readers, I’m back with my second post. This time I want to discuss about my favorite football club, AC Milan. Associazione Calcio Milano or simply AC Milan is an Italian Football club based on Milano City, Italy which was established on 16 December 1899 by English expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin, who came from the English city of Nottingham. It produces so many great and legendary players. It also has gained so many trophies since it was founded and considered as one of the greatest football clubs of all time. Milan has won 7 UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles and 18 titles of the most known Italian football competition league, Serie A. Their achievement in UCL is only second behind Spanish football club, Real Madrid with 12 titles while their Serie A achievement is only second behind Juventus with 33 titles and tie with Inter.


This football club is my favorite football club. I like this football club because it has great players and achievements in their history. Milan also made me like football matches. I started to like Milan back when I was a kid in 2004. Back then, my uncles was playing Winning Eleven, a football game that is compatible with PlayStation 1. One of my uncles chose Milan as his team. I thought this team have great players when my uncle showed the players’ skills in formation mode before started the match. Players like Maldini, Costacurta, Serginho, Shevchenko, Inzaghi had great skill statistics on the game. I only liked the team but I hadn’t become a fan back then. I started to like Milan more when I was watching their matches in 2005 UCL and 2007 UCL. Milan was playing on the 2005 UCL final vs Liverpool. I was amazed when they were exceling Liverpool with scoring 3 goals in the first half. I thought they were going to win it but I was shocked to see Liverpool could score 3 goals to make it tie until the penalty shootout round which they won it and lifted their fifth UCL trophy. I thought Milan was superior but I was a bit disappointed when they lost the penalty shootout round. However, I still liked them. In 2007 UCL, they made it to the final round again and met the same team that have beaten them in 2005 final UCL, Liverpool. That time, Milan finally got their revenge on Liverpool by beating them 2-1 and lifted their seventh UCL trophy. I was happy at the time but I still only liked Milan, not a fan of them. After that, I wasn’t following the news about them anymore since I lost my interest in football matches.


Years later in 2012, I decided to follow the news about Milan again since I started to have my interest in football matches again. It was because I was addicted to play Winning Eleven on PlayStation 2 and Milan was always my favorite team on the game. Sadly, their performances were going down in 2012. They struggled to go further than quarter final round in UCL. They even struggled too in Serie A when they ever went down to 16th on the Serie A table even though they finished third on the 2012/2013 final season of Serie A. The funny hing is I became a Milanisti (epithet of an AC Milan fan) when they were down, not when they wer in their glory times. They even went down worse than 2012/2013 Serie A season in 2013/2014 Serie A season which they finished only on 8th on the Serie A table. That means they couldn’t participate in the UCL next season because every Serie A team must at least finish on the third position on Serie A table to participate in the UCL next season. In 2014/2015 season, they appointed Filippo Inzaghi which was a Milan player as their manager. In the end of the season, Milan showed bad results again with finished 8th again on the Serie A table. This caused Milanisti from around the world protest the Milan management team. They accused Milan management team caused Milan performance drop by buying or loaning mediocre football players. Milan decided to sack Inzaghi and appointed Sinisa Mihajlovic as Milan manager in 2015/2016 season but in the end Milan only finished 7th on the Serie A table. Milanisti around the world protest the Milan management team again by accusing whoever Milan manager is, Milan will not rise again if the management only buy and loan mediocre players.


In 2016/2017 season, Milan appointed Vincenzo Montella as the new Milan manager. In the season, Milan finally had a good performance. They beat Juventus two times in Serie A and supercoppa which they couldn’t do since 2012. Since they beat Juventus in supercoppa (the match which play between the champion of Serie A and the Champion of Coppa Italia), they lifted their first trophy since 2011 on December 2016. Milan has some great young players that were graduated from Milan academy football club such as Gianluigi Donarumma, Manuel Locatelli, Davide Calabria, etc which were prominent in the team to perform a good performance in the season. In the end of the season, Milan only finished 6th on the table. It’s because Milan still has mediocre players aside their great young players. However, Milan management and Milan players are satisfied with their performances and Montella performance since they are back to compete in Europe by competing in Europe League (the second caste European football clubs competition behind UCL) since they finished 6th on the Serie A table. There is also a major change in Milan management team. Silvio Berlusconi, who was the Milan chairman from 1986, decided to sell Milan to a Chinese businessman, Yonghong Li. He realized that he had no power or money anymore to make Milan rise again to buy great players so that he decided to sell Milan to Yonghong Li. Now, Yonghong Li gives funds to Milan management to buy great players and start the 2017/2018 Serie A season with great players and also ready to make Milan rise again.