AC Milan and Manchester United Comparison

Hello readers, this is my seventh post. This time I want to talk about football and my favorite football club, AC Milan again. This post is quite similar to the second post which talks about AC Milan too, but this time I want to compare AC Milan with a famous English football club, Manchester United. Football is the most favorite sports in the world chosen by people. The football matches are always watched by many people around the world, especially football matches in Europe contested by European football clubs. There are two football clubs from the two European countries that are considered big and popular. The two football clubs are AC Milan and Manchester United. These two football clubs have some similarities and differences based on their backgrounds, trophy records and fates currently.


AC Milan and Manchester United have some similarities and differences based on their backgrounds. Associazione Calcio Milano or simply AC Milan is an Italian Football club based on Milano City, Italy which was established on 16 December 1899 by English expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin, who came from the English city of Nottingham. Meanwhile, Manchester United was established by the Carriage and Wagon Department of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (LYR) in 1878. They share the same epithet, The Red Devils for Manchester United and I Rossoneri which means The Red Devils too in Italian. The difference is AC Milan is a football club from Milano, Italy while United is a football club from Manchester,  England.


In the terms of trophy records, both Milan and United have gained them so many times since they had been established. United have won 20 premier league titles and none of other English football clubs have gained the same record as United have. Meanwhile, Milan has won 7 UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles and 18 titles of the most known Italian football competition league, Serie A. Their achievement in UCL is only second behind Spanish football club, Real Madrid with 12 titles while their Serie A achievement is only second behind Juventus with 33 titles and tie with Inter. On the other had, United have also won UCL titles for thrice.


Both football clubs also share a bit similar fate lately. United haven’t won the English Premier League (EPL) title since 2013. They also even struggled to finish the competition in top 3 since 2014. The same case also happens to Milan which haven’t won Serie A title since 2011. They also even struggled to finish in top 5 since 2014. However, they’re rising slowly and back to the top gradually. United have just won Europa League title while Milan is also back to European competition, even though they still finished 6th on their native football competitions.


In the end, both football clubs are still great football clubs based on their backgrounds, trophy records and fates. They already proven that they’re great clubs and scared by other football clubs if they compete in European competitions. Even though they are still struggling now, slowly but sure, they will rise again and their fans will always support them until they are back in form again.

2010-02-16 UCL AC Milan v Manchester United (Pre-Match).mkv_snapshot_01.59_[2015.09.12_00.03.44]