Advantages of Shopping at Minimarket

Hello readers, this is my fifth post. This time I want to talk about business which is the topic that I rarely talk about. There are so many minimarkets that are available in society nowadays. These minimarkets help people to get their needed stuffs that aren’t available at common stalls. Besides that, there are more benefits of shopping in minimarket than shopping at common stalls. In this opportunity, I will examine further about two reasons why shopping at minimarket is the better choice than buying stuffs at common stalls.


To begin with, shopping at minimarket is more convenient than shopping at common stall because of its hygiene. Most of stuffs that sold at minimarket are guaranteed for their hygiene. It is because minimarket gets their stuffs from the stuffs’ factories directly. On the other hand, common stalls usually get their stuffs from traditional market so that their stuffs aren’t guaranteed for their hygiene. Moreover, minimarket is cleaner than common stall which can keep their stuffs more hygiene.


The other advantage of minimarket is minimarket has more complete stuffs than common stall has. It is a fact and acceptable that minimarket has more stuffs to be sold than common stall has since its place is bigger than common stall. Stuffs that aren’t available at common stuffs usually available at minimarket. For example, common stall only has a few of noodle brands such as indomie and mie sedap while minimarket sell more noodle brands besides them like supermi, sarimi, etc, most common stalls do not sell facial treatment stuffs while minimarket sell them and many more stuffs.


Owners of common stall claim that minimarket stuffs are more expensive. They also claim that minimarket has taken their customers by existing everywhere even in small villages so that people are interested to buy stuffs at minimarket more than at their stalls. However, it is acceptable that minimarket stuffs are more expensive since most of the stuffs’ quality are better and more hygiene. Minimarket building tax has a role to make the stuffs that sold in it are more expensive. Meanwhile, business competition has made common stall owners gone mad, whereas it is a common thing that happens in business. It is not the minimarket owners faults that customers prefer to shop at their places more because of their advantages. Common stall owners can still get their customers since not all of the minimarkets has existed in small villages yet.