Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

Hello readers, this is my fourth post. This time I want to talk about movie. Movie is one of the most favorite entertainments chosen by people. People love to watch movie because it is exciting for them. There are many movie genres that available such as action, drama, fantasy, adventure, science fiction (Sci-fi), thriller, horror, and so on. The movies that have released usually have more than one genre. In my opinion, I like action and sci-fi movies the most. I like action and sci-fi movies because the movies that have them are the most exciting movies to be watched. One of the action sci-fi movies is Kong: Skull Island.


Kong: Skull Island is an American action-adventure film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts which was released March 10, 2017. It serves as the second film in a production company called Legendary Pictures with MonsterVerse franchise. There is an action sci-fi monster film which was released in 2014 titled Godzilla besides Kong: Skull Island in the franchise. With $185 million production budget, it grosses $566 million worldwide which is a success for the film. This movie tells about an enormous ape called Kong which guards an island named Skull Island and its inhabitants from many predators but greedy mankind want to ruin them and kill Kong. This movie is a great movie in my opinion. It’s because it gives you a message about don’t ever disturb anyone’s residence if you want to get respected.


The film shows a bunch of people come to an unknown island and starts bombing it in the name of expedition. Kong, which is the host of the island, of course gets angry and starts to kill the people who are bombing his residence. The truth is one of the survivors of Kong’s rage was one of the agents of U.S. classified government organization named Monarch and his true intentions bring a skilled tracker, soldiers, scientists and even a journalist there to prove the existence of an enormous monster and that is Kong. The survivors try to go around the island in order to find a boat to escape the island. In their way to escape, they find someone who has been stranded for more than 20 years in the island since the World War II. He lives with a native tribe who allowed him to stay with them. He tells the group that Kong is the guardian of both of the island and the tribe. It guards them from an enormous reptilian predator which called Skullcrawlers. The stranded man decides to leave the island with the group and thanks the native tribe for taking care of him. The group leaves the island with a manmade boat from the stranded man’s jet war ruins which he used in World War II.


In their way to escape, the group splits into two, the group of non-soldiers and the group of soldiers. It’s because the captain of the soldiers wants to get revenge to Kong who killed his subordinates. As the two groups separated, many of the people from both groups die because of smaller Skullcrawlers attacks while in their way to reach their goals. The soldier captain has a plan to kill Kong but it’s failed and he got killed by raged yet weaken Kong. The soldier captain’s plan to kill Kong is even awaken the Alpha Skullcrawlers. The weaken Kong tries to fight the Alpha Skullcrawlers in order to protect the survivors of the group, but he is overpowered. The group decides to help Kong to kill the Skullcrawlers until Kong finally beat and kill it. The film ends as the group which is including the survived soldiers thanks Kong and say their farewell to it.