The Differences between Men and Women’s Conversation

Hello again readers. This time I want to talk about the differences between men and women in conversation. In this world, there are only two genders, male and female. Both genders have many differences in each other, especially in conversation. Conversation is the way people interact to each other. Therefore, men and women also have conversation to each other. However, as previously stated, the way they communicate is different. Why do men and women talk in different ways in conversations? Because there are two factors that make them like that. The first factor is women are more verbally skilled than men and the second is both sexes’ purposes in conversation.


These two factors are the main reasons that cause men and women’s are different conversation. Women are more verbally skilled than men. In other words, women talk more than men. Men always talk about facts while women always talk about people, relationships and feelings, in other words, gossiping. Men’s communication purpose is to getting status in a hierarchical social order while women’s communication purpose is to establish connections and negotiating relationships. This causes women can simply be intimate friends to each other by just sitting and talking. Meanwhile, men are not like that. They must do activities and things together in order to get intimate to each other.


However, majority of societies claim that typical women’s speech make women less well suited than men to occupy positions of power and authority. In other words, most of societies consider that women are inferior to men. It is denied by most experts such as Suciu (2012) who said just because women speak differently does not mean that women are inferior to men. Women can also have positions of power and authority like men if they want to.

I always familiar to this since I’ve always talk to women. I have some close female friends who talk about many things with me. I conclude that almost all of them are fussy (LOL). However, the good thing about it is they’re good at speaking English, better than me and my male friends. They are also fun to be shared stories each other.

Couple Having Argument At Home

In conclusion, men and women are indeed speak, talk and interact differently and often have miscommunication between them. However, this can cause them develop further relationship since they are interested to know and understand each other. The differences can make them interested to each other since they want to accept the differences of the way they communicate to each other.